Master Thesis at the Chair of International Finance

General Information. Master students have to complete a thesis in oder to complete their studies. General information is available here (German):

Examination Regulation

At the Chair of International Finance, students are encouraged to write a theses including an own, independently conducted empirical analysis. Theoretical thesis are very welcome as well, especially for students that consider doctoral studies following their master. All theses, empirical and theoretical, need to be closely embedded in existing theory.

The following links provide guidelines for the formal requirements and the structure of an empirical thesis and data work:

Guide Written Assigments

Structure MSc Thesis

Roadmap to Data Analysis

There are two types of master theses:

  • Topic pre-defined by the supervisor. The research question, the main resources, tools and key literature is provided by the supervisor as the starting point for independently conducted research.
  • Topic of student’s own choice. Main responsibility regarding academic literature, data collection and methodology is with the master student. Guidance in academic analysis and writing is provided by the Supervisor.

Presentations. Master theses are presented in research colloquia, which take place twice a semester - within the first 2 weeks and the last 2 weeks of the lecture period. The next presentations will take place during the dates:

  • 22.10.2021 - Registration period: 15.07. - 14.08.2021
  • 03.02.2022 (to be confirmed) - Registration period: 03.11. - 02.12.2021
  • 22.04.2022 (to be confirmed) - Registration period: 21.01. – 22.02.2022

The presentations should take place during the third (of the four month) of the master thesis. The registration periods must be adapted to the presentation slots.

The following link provides guidelines for the presentation:

Info Master Thesis Presentation

Organization. Students are responsible for the smooth organization of their thesis (including registration at Studienbüro, presentation and hand-in dates and general time-management).

The following link provides a latex-file that students are encouraged to use as it helps to satisfy the formatting requirements:

Thesis Template

Finally, the following link provides the text for the statutory declaration:

Statutory Declaration_Master Thesis